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              Hunt Furniture custom wood
              rustic wood kitchen table & bench
              custom wood coffee tables
              wood hall table
              wood hall table

              About Hunt Furniture

              Quality Wood Furniture in Mission BC

              Hunt Furniture has been making custom quality wood furniture in the lower mainland of Vancouver for more than 35 years. Attention to detail and quality materials result in beautiful furniture built to last for generations.

              You can choose a Hunt Furniture design and make it your own by selecting from a variety of stains and finishes to customize the item to suit your decor. Or bring your own ideas and have a custom designed peice of furniture built to fit your needs and taste. Over the years Hunt Furniture has provided a variety custom items in many styles including fireplace mantels, armoires, buffets, and built in cabinets, wall units and desks.

              Furniture is available finished or unfinished and is sold directly to the public or to dealers who are interested in wholesale orders. Contact Jim Hunt for more information.